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Welcome to Picture Power Media

Picture Power Media is a specialist production company delivering corporate digital content. We use the power of digital content to communicate messages inside and outside your company. We simplify complex issues and turn them into engaging, entertaining and educational content. Picture Power Media takes time to understand the culture of your company and your clients to create bespoke products that are unique to you and your needs.

Interactive E-learning

We are experts in creating bespoke content for e-learning purposes. As digital video becomes easier to distribute across the internet, we are able to provide our clients with tailor-made high-quality content for training and compliance needs. Click here for more details....

We are currently training professionals across the international communications industry in how to create, shoot and edit video content. Using the latest techniques, our trainers are able to help content producers learn new and exciting skills. Click here for more details....

Promotional material
Our team includes some of the most celebrated broadcasters in the business. We can promote your organisation though the power of creative video: clear, concise messages in high-quality visual form.

We have a long list of corporate clients who have been successfully coached to deliver effective messages to employees, stakeholders and the media. We engage our delegates by teaching journalistic techniques grounded in story-telling and simplifying of key messages.


We can advise you on how to integrate digital content into your business in an effective way. Working with some of the most experienced practioners in the industry, we can develop your content strategy which will help you or your clients make the best use of cutting edge techniques for communicating your messages.